Sunday, 18 April 2010

Knitting & Crochet

It has been a while since I showed you any of my yarny goings on so I thought you might like to see a couple of my ongoing projects!

These are my Polly Jean sock-a-longs, progress was slowed by the heel as I decided to do each one on dpns and then put them back on the circs as I hadn't done 2 heels at once and was worried I might have messed it up but was then cross with myself for wimping out so picked up my crochet for a while. Luckily I saw the finished pair over on 'the stash basket' and decided I needed to finish these so I have picked them back up again. I have until the end of the month to finish them so all should be OK!

I have been keeping a little something from you though and that is the fact that I have secretly become addicted to crochet - it began at Christmas when I bought the kit for Barbara and tried out the pattern to see if I could do it! Then I made 'the scarf that I forgot to photograph' and also joined the CAL with the natural dye studio on Ravelry. I have made quite a few of the March motifs but then the April daisy one came along....... One flower

Quickly became quite a few......

And another scarf / shawl was begun!

I have also done some more of the Tilia for Lottie's prom but that has been fairly slow as it does take a while still to do a row so I only pick that up if I know I will have a few uninterrupted minutes! I have also started to sand down the garden furniture for staining as I am feeling the need to sit out and spin - I don't know why but I prefer to spin in the summer and sitting out with the dog seems to work particularly well for me (I did loads last year while I was keeping my eye on him) and am ready to drag the wheel out of the corner and get going again especially as I have that lovely orange fiber to get going with!

I am loving the extended day light and this next week 'him in doors' is actually going away for a night - he was away so much last year and then we had the job change which meant after the fortnight in the USA there was not much need for him to go out and about he was based totally at home and that was great too, but for just one evening it will just be Lottie and I so hopefully it will be a sunny one and we can enjoy it. Although I expect there will be plenty of revision going on as well - Lottie has been so good about doing it and hopefully the hard work will show in the end! Fingers crossed for all of those doing exams this year!


busybusybeejay said...

The scarf pattern is great to do.I am about to attempt a crochet cardie.The socks look good too.Wish lottie luck with the exams.What does she want to do in the sixth form and after?

Sarah Knits said...

Unltimatly Lottie thinks she might like to do Architecture so for A level she is leaning towrds Physics, Maths, Engilsh Lit and Design Tech - this hopefully also gives her enough incase she changes her mind.

Ooh crochet cardi sounds like fun - can't wait to see it.

Hope all is well at your end, no pox and a good recovery from C!

Claire said...

Good luck to Lottie - my daughter is taking GCSEs at the moment - a 10 hour Art exam this week !!!! Major confession here - I crocheted for years before I finally managed to learn to knit :) I love both.

Sugar Hippo said...

Yipes! Sorry! Don't know where the holidays went! Have posted more about goat today!