Sunday, 11 April 2010

Turkey and Goat!

I have to say that my turkey turned out to be the best ever - even Dave commented and he is not known for his finely tuned taste buds! I have to say that we buy most of our meat from our friend Danny - he is a small holder on the outskirts of our village and we walk past his house usually both days at the weekend. We can watch our meat grow and see the life it leads plus help a very small business to find its feet. Added to that it makes our carbon footprint a lot less especially as we have a veg box delivered as well (all grown within a 10 mile radius) - I must admit that although this does work out a bit more than if I buy it all in the local Morrison's (10 - 15 miles away) I find that it makes me more aware of how not to waste things plus I hope I am doing something to help small local business and the environment as well. Also during the no car 2 months it actually was a total god send as it meant I didn't have to carry everything from our tiny local co-op, milk beer and wine was heavy enough!

So what brought me to that little rant, it wasn't actually meant to be a rant but I wanted to share with you about our turkey and also as Allison said she had goat for Easter I wanted to say about our goat experience - we had some goat mince from our friends mentioned above and I made what I called 'Hillside pie' which was basically Shepard's pie made with the goat mince which turned out to be mega low fat and extremely tasty. My lot always enjoy it when I make a Shepard's or cottage pie and hillside was no exception - very tasty. I did also do some goat chops on another day and they turned out to be a bit more chewy and not as fun but I am not a chop fan in any sort of meat really!

Also worthy of note this week the car did make it home on Friday and we need to take it out and drive it carefully for a few hundred miles in order to 'run it in', am I pleased to see the beast back? No not really as when I had a close look at it in the drive she has come home very battered and worse for wear, there are chips and scratches on 3 out of 4 corners and the poor tail gate has some nasty damage too so in short I am totally gutted and sad.

So back to the real world - Allison please tell us your holiday tales, I would love to hear about the hot weather and fabulous cocktails and also it is fine to email Barbara the bead pattern. I have more I can email to anyone who wants them - I should post some pics for you all to choose!

I hope all went well for you Barbara and that driving was OK.

How were the hols Claire did you survive too?

Back soon with more of my odd life and maybe some actually knitting!


busybusybeejay said...

What a shame about your car.Getting behind the wheel of my C3 again made me realise that it is getting quite old and perhaps needs to be changed.It also has lots of scratches etc.
Like you we like to buy locally and support our little town.Use it or lose it is what springs to mind.

Claire said...

I'm trying to do my bit by growing my own veggies in pots. I am so excited because I have managed to grow celery from seed and they are supposed to be quite difficult. Ate too much chocolate at Easter - as usual - and didn't do very much as had chicken pox !!!! Still spotty but no longer infectious now. My duck is sitting nicely on her nest and turning the eggs regularly - I am so looking forward to them hatching :)
I'm lucky with my car - it's a Citroen Picasso - because my brothers own a garage and do any work needed on it and they are very careful of all of their customers' cars - even their sisters :)