Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Week 1

I have now restarted the second cuff for the 4th time (you can tell I am ill when my knitting goes wrong) - I have the horrid cold that is going around!

I don't think it is as good as the first but at this point I am not unpicking again unless it is horrid once it is at the same point as the other (I am sure it will be fine). I hope it will be finished tonight and ready for clue no 2 on Friday.

I also picked up my bobble socks as I was finished with the first one but had the foot and cuff to do on the second,you can't actually see but I am just past the extra yarn for the heel now and almost onto the bobbles

These have been on the needles since last year I think but I don't remember why I put them down - some thing else probably came along instead. Talking of sock patterns I have to admit that I like to try different ones out. I have a 'vanilla' pattern that I usually use for wellie socks but I enjoy doing different ones for my every day socks and walking shoe socks - you see wellie socks need to be long and hold in your trousers so a simple rib seems to be best but walking shoes and every day shoes can take something a bit more fancy - I think! More on socks soon, am off to make yet another drink - why is it that I drink so much when I have a cold?

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Sugar Hippo said...

Woah! Two blogs in one week? Anyone would think you had more time on your hands! ;) I like the bobble socks, I know I bought the pattern but I've never got round to making them. I must do that.