Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Week 2

Eventually I finished the second cuff - no thanks the the vile cold that flattened me for a few days! I am also onto the second clue for the leg - one is complete and the other just begun but should be done by Friday when clue 3 is published. It is fun to see the pattern grow but I don't think I would have picked this one had I seen it first - but I guess that is the fun of it.

I have also done a little bit more to the bobble socks (yes it was your pattern Allison) but put them back down once the new clue arrived for this week. I have also had to quickly knit a little cosy for Lottie's new phone as obviously it needed one to keep warm in this weather!

Yesterday I made 3 batches of stewed apple as it seems to be the time of year that the apples keep arriving in bags and then something has to be done with them - it was actually quite nice to be peeling and chopping away in the kitchen for a few hours. I need some red current jelly and then I can make lovely onion marmalade as well.

Hope to have more pics for you tomorrow........

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