Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Yarn clubs

So the reason we all got together was because of a yarn club failure and I have avoided them since as I was afraid of a repeat! I finally plucked up the courage to join a 3 month club that I thought was fairly reasonable in price (in case a similar thing happened). The first installment was a week late, the second hasn't arrived yet (should be at the end of the first week in the month) and I am wondering are all clubs hap hazard with deliveries or am I just not good at choosing a successful one?

Please enlighten me to any you have joined and if you thought they were good or not so I can do better next time!

I thought about joining the Debbie Abraham's blanket club but I know several people who were disappointed this year (at the cost of it I don't want to be disappointed) although the club does seem to be reliable. Any other thoughts on this girls?


busybusybeejay said...

The Debbie Abraham Blanket club is very reliable and always comes at the start of the month.It is very well organised.I don't particularly like the Under theSea theme this yearbut it is exciting getting a parcel each month especially in the early stages.I have also ,in past,joined the Violet Green sock club which again was very good.I have been in their lace club recently and thought I still had one to go but may be wrong(help Allison).
Which have you joined?

Sugar Hippo said...

I have done a couple of Fyberspates clubs - they're really reliable and although 1 went missing, Jeni got me another pack out within a week. She's also really good at updating in her Rav forum. I did join the Violet Green lace club (and yes, we are still waiting for one more) but although I like the yarn, I didn't like the patterns. Natural dye studio do one too but they always seem to be late.