Monday, 28 February 2011

Long journey home!

Yesterday we left Norfolk at about 12pm and arrived home at 7.30pm - that is the longest time ever it has taken us to make that journey! The reason for this excessive time was the brakes on the car overheated - we had only just had them replaced but one of the rear calipers (the one that wasn't replaced) jammed on. We were picked up by Green Flag and they actually managed to fix the problem at their garage (I think the guy didn't fancy a 9hr round trip). We sat in the waiting room - Lottie, Ted and I while the nice man (watched by Dave) did the work necessary to get us back on the road. I did however do quite a bit of knitting on my 'car knitting' project which is another Sweet Jazz. I managed to knit and hang on to the dog and then carried on once we were back on the road. At the moment it is difficult to take pictures as it is working on ever shortening rows on a circular needle (looks like a bundle of yarn) but I will be able to show you once all of the stitches are picked back up again.

My Pi shawl is mainly plain although I have added a band of lace hearts and will add another once the next set of increases is complete - it is not complicated and is as 'EZ' suggests very easy holiday knitting - I can do this one without looking whilst I am on the plain rounds. It is made from some very soft 'Angora lace' - I love this yarn and am hoping Allison will dye some pink yarn for me?

Today was a bit odd as Dave is away for a couple of days at a show in London and true to form I have wound more yarn and cast on another project (I seem to do that when he goes away). I am doing another 'Amore' shawl, this time for Lottie as she took to wearing mine!

Hopefully tomorrow will be a good day for pictures so more then! Night night, Sx


busybusybeejay said...

Aargh!I hate spending money on cars.I need to look up those patterns you are doing.I have loads of lace weight yarn but nothing cast on at the moment.i need some inspiration.

Sugar Hippo said...

Hmm Hmm - what colour pink were you after? Pale, Hot, Rosy, a mixture? It just so happens that I have a skein of this yarn that is, as yet, undyed.