Saturday, 26 February 2011

Norfolk Knitting!

I have to confess there has not been as much as I would have liked owing to the fact that the start of the week was someones birthday and we had a 3 day visit from the 'in-laws'. I am not complaining as it is always great to see them but it does involve quite a bit of cooking so not much knitting was done apart from 4 rows on my 'pagona shawl' which were promptly undone as I missed a vital yarn over and couldn't pick it up! Since then I have been relaxing with my Pi shawl but it would seem not to be very photogenic (Lottie said it looked like a hat!) due to the fact the it has a lot of stitches on the circular needle.

We did however have a lovely visit to the new yarn shop in Holt where I bought some extra knit picks needles and a longer cable (promptly swapping the shorter one on the Pi shawl) plus a pattern book for a Debbie Bliss jacket that Lottie would like. I didn't actually buy any yarn (please sit down) although there was some lovely NDS BFL (my favourite) and Fyberspates yarns and I did look at the pretty Noro lace weight but I managed to resist for now! The lady who owns it is lovely and if you are ever in this part of the world then I recommend a visit.

That's all for now.... back home again soon, Sx


Sugar Hippo said...

I am impressed you're trying Pi. I love the pattern but it looks so, well, BIG! Sooo many stitches. What colour is it? Can't wait to see some in progress pics. x

Claire said...

I am impressed that you are knitting so many shawls !!! I have so many problems with lace knitting as I have to remember to reverse all the instructions and you can bet that at some point I'll forget and the pattern will just fall apart. I've had an idea for a double skinned bag though using black or grey aran with a lacy pattern as the outer, and some of the brightly coloured aran I have as the lining peeping through the lace. Not so big that I would give up in disgust but big enough to showcase techniques and ideas.