Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Mitten Madness!

Having finished my Sushi shawl last week I then went on to cast off the second pair of fingerless mittens from my lovely red sugar hippo yarn. I had promised these to Lottie but still need to add the ribbon and buttons to them. I then decided that the next pair were for me only this time I have made them using a 4mm needle as I have for Lottie's - the first pair I made grew quite a lot and are quite sloppy now (I only have small hands and feet). Also trying to be clever and speed things along I thought that 2 at a time might be a good solution! Not so for me - it turns out that I can go much quicker on solo items and 2 at a time takes much more than twice the time to finish!

As you can see the first pair are a lot larger than the ones I did on 4mm needles - these are a much snugger fit but are unworn as yet, I need to finish the ribbon and add the buttons. I must also add that I have washed the first pair as they got a bit grubby due to the fact that I wore them for everything including dog walking. The yarn is lovely and very warm and soft, both were from Allison's shop I might add!

I am currently finishing the bobble socks that have been on the needles for well over a year now, the bobbles are fun but a little slow so as an in between I have cast on a Pi shawl using some angora lace weight (my latest purchase from http://www.folksy.com/shops/SugarHippo) it is an amazing yarn - so soft and warm and I can't wait to have enough knitted to show you how pretty it is!

I am hopeful that the socks will be finished this week so that I can pick up another pair and get some momentum on the 'Finish it Feb' goal but I am worried that I may get distracted as I have just found another pair of socks that I really want to cast on and also the Pi shawl is very inviting as well - must concentrate on finishing socks!


busybusybeejay said...

Gosh.You are so productive!I must look the pi shawl up and have another look at allison's shop.

Sugar Hippo said...

I'm so bad! Since I got a Blackberry for Christmas I read all the blogs on that and don't get round to commenting - I must stop that. Those mittens are lovely! I'm so pleased the yarn looks so nice, it's hard to tell what the colour will be like. I too knitted my first pair on the bigger needles and they have 'bagged'. I need to make another pair for myself in the smaller size.