Thursday, 17 March 2011

Lots to share!

Well this week has just whizzed by and it is almost weekend again! On Sunday we went to Reaseheath - our local agricultural college to see lambies being born - so cute as they wobbled on tiny legs and so amazing to think that the fluff we knit and spin starts out like that.

Monday was one of my occasional beading classes and was great to see my ladies again even though all they really need is inspiration and encouragement!

On Tuesday I had to take my lovely little car in for its first service and whilst it was there they even washed it for me!
I don't think I actually showed you my new car last year but here she is in all her shiny-ness. It is such a tiny car but doesn't feel small to drive and because it is the Brabus version is sooo quick as well. Anyway the service itself was only about and hour and as it is quite a trek to the garage they let you stay in the coffee area to wait. With a whole hour to kill what does a girl do? Well she gets out her ipod complete with knitmore girls podcasts (I saved 2 episodes for this purpose) and her 'car knitting' and sits there quietly watching the world go by. No questions and no funny looks! Dave rang me at one point to check I was ok and not too bored and asked quite casually what I was doing and when I replied I had my ipod in and my knitting out his reply was - I knew you would be doing that but just wanted to be sure.

Now in order to be ready for the spriteling KAL Allison did me a custom dye in her yummy new alpaca and silk lace yarn so it was with some disappointment we received the swatching instructions saying sock weight yarn. I had a rummage in my stash and found some pretty sock weight that I bought way back but was again disappointed once I had swatched it - the pattern is just lost, back to the drawing board again.

How pretty is my custom dyed yarn though - it needs a pattern now to do it the justice it deserves.

Thursday was Embroiderers' Guild and we had a visit from Maggie Grey - she was an amazing speaker and I felt very inspired by her talk. Am off to the NEC next Thursday to the stitching show (there will be knitting as well) so that should be fun.

Today I have been to collect sheets of acrylic for Lotties' design project (and they did fit into my tiny car), I then delivered them to college so that she could start making it today - phew that's it for this week I think...... more soon!

Have a great weekend girls, Sx


busybusybeejay said...

What a cute little car?Is it a smart car?I have a little car,a Toyota Aygo but I don't have a personalised number plate!We do all our running around in it as it is so economical and only £20 road tax.The Vauxhall Meriva we use for longer journeys .You have had a busy week.I will be back to my knitting tonight after a week doing none with being in Cambridge and too tired.
Have a great weekend.

Sugar Hippo said...

Oh how I wish I'd known you were going to the NEC! I've ummed and ahed about getting a ticket and decided against it. I love going to the NEC and it only takes me just over an hour - I would so love to meet up!.

Claire said...

What a great little car. I have to admit they scare me a little as they look so tiny when I park my picasso by them, and if I'm behind one I stay well back as getting too close means I can't see their lights anymore :)

Love the yarn - I bought two of Allisons DK yarn to go with the one I already have. I'm planning a jacket made from blocks from the Nicky Epstein book - I'm going to do all different blocks but all within the same colour group.