Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Wheely good fun!

After hearing from our good friend Allison about her spinning wheel I was prompted to get mine out again from behind the sofa! Strange place to keep it I know but it got put there at Christmas so it was out of the way and hasn't ventured out again - it was lucky this year as in the past it has been put out in the cold of the garage but having bought her a new flyer a couple of years ago she has become much more lovable to work on. I gave her a good oil and she is much nicer to spin on so I have picked up the fine spinning I began when I first got the new flyer.

Also happening at the moment is the picking back up of the garden makeover. We had some serious work done about 2 years ago including a new fence and removal of a lot of horrid bushes and shrubs plus a huge rockery that was very out of shape since before we moved in. The whole project stopped when Ted became ill and was never picked up again as the chap doing it was so busy and then I started my job and so life moved on. The time has come to finish things off so we can enjoy our outside space this year so this week I have made a million cups of tea and been on hand to make sure things are done how we want (today I have a day off as my 'chap' is doing something else ) but it will continue again tomorrow.

I have also been knitting away on my Pi shawl and am starting another set of the hearts I have added - each round has 576 stitches now so it a little slower especially as I am also doing the pattern but I love it. I too am waiting for the shawl knit along from socktopus - the requirements are out soon so I can find the right needles etc. At least it will give me a project to really focus on as the clues come at fortnightly intervals, all other knitting will have to fit in around that.
I think that is all of the news for now, more on the spinning once I have finished the second half of the batt!


Claire said...

Good for you on getting things up and running again - it is so easy to leave them be ad infinitum.

I would love a spinning wheel but simply haven't the space for one.

Your shawl is coming along beautifully - love the hearts section and the colour.

busybusybeejay said...

I didn't know you did spinning as well as everything else.Look forward to seeing the results.Also photos of the garden.

Sugar Hippo said...

As you say, almost snap! Funny old world! I love the Pi shawl, the yarn colour has come out really well - it's really pretty. I didn't realise the Spriteling clues were fortnightly - I'll really have to manage my time better if I'm going to keep up with that ..... guess the housework will have to wait.