Monday, 28 March 2011

Show time!

It isn't very often that I get let out to go to a show (it is a good job really) but my friend Sylvia and I went on the train to the NEC. We had a great day and so I thought I would share with you some of the lovelies I bought (I know that I like to see what others do so thought you might like to see mine?):
As you can see I have an extreme crochet hook to go with the extreme knitting needles I bought the last time I was let out, some shawl pins, a fabulous skein of silk lace weight yarn and a dinky little silk spindle - there are a few other bits of threads and fabrics as well that I bought but they aren't as exciting to look at. It would seem that I have developed a bit of a thing for silk at the moment - before half term I bought some silk hankies for knitting with (a la yarn harlot) but was not sure I was sold on it once I got going. Whilst I was at the show I was looking at the stall of Rachel Powell as she had an Ashford traveller there and I was talking to her mum who was a beginning drop spindler - there was a jug of the prettiest spindles on the table and whilst we were having a drink I said to Sylvia that I really loved the little silk spindle with the unusual markings. Now being an enabler she said to me well we can go back and have another look so we did and it was just waiting for me to buy it! Needless to say I have been spinning the silk hankies instead and it is coming out so fine and pretty. All I need to do is to work out how to dye it and bingo! The end of this week is the start of the spriteling KAL and I can't wait to begin, my second swatch is almost finished and I need to wind the skein as well. Last week seemed to be a bit busy what with the show excitement and the new patio being laid, all it needs now is the grouting and I can show you as it is all covered up at the moment. More soon .......


Sugar Hippo said...

Ooh! Lovely shawl pins - like those a lot. There was a lady at our spinners guild drop spindling silk hankies last week - it was so thin, I don't know how it didn't break. How long do you reckon it will take you to spin enough for a shawl?! I have done a second swatch on Spriteling too, I found a beautiful skein of silk/cashmere in my stash and I'm going to use that instead. I can't wait for it to begin now!

Claire said...

I like those shawl pins as well - although I haven't yet taken the plunge in shawl knitting.

Can you tell me more about silk hankies? What are these? Not the ones you blow your nose on surely? I have a drop spindle in my stash cupboard along with a load of yarn tops ready to spin.