Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Finally finished!

So finally my latest round of pattern testing is done - it is the cowl and wrist warmers for the same e-book as the scarf I did before. I have enjoyed both of these patterns and would recommend the warmers to anyone with a passion for mittens (yes that could be you Allison). The only thing I found is that it turns out I am a bit of a seasonal knitter and mittens in July messed with my mojo! They are a great way to knit in the round without doing socks and will be fun to wear as it gets colder.

Tonight I am hopeful that I will manage to snag an Ifengenia kit in the posh sale - it is a mid week extra like they did with Tilia and you all know how much I loved that shawl (3 times was my record for making that one).

I am still knitting the i-cord edging for the orbit shawl (it took a back seat for a while) and also working on the blooming shawl and the new sweet shoppe shawl - you see it is shawl knitting weather right now and I love them! More soon, Sxx


busybusybeejay said...

I wanted a Posh shawl but my Husband is in hospital and I didn't get back from visiting until 8.30pm so didn't get the colour I wanted but i did get one.It's a long story but we have had 5 hours in A and E today!Its a bit of a come down after a wonderful holiday in Croatia.Loved your cowl and warmers.

Sarah Knits said...

I am sorry to hear abot a&e visit but glad you got a kit. I hope all will be ok for your husband. Love to you both, Sxx

Sugar Hippo said...

Tee hee! I just spotted those warmers on your Flickr whilst looking at the beads & I thought how lovely they looked. Guess I'll have to get that e-book too - especially as I really like the look of that Frosty Diamonds shawl.

Claire said...

Love the wrist warmers - how did you get into pattern testing? I would love to do something like that.

I missed out on the Posh shawl :( wanted one, but got sidetracked by Alex and by the time I got to it they'd all been sold.

Mind you I still haven't finished Spriteling - but I am well on the way to finishing my first pair of socks - pics on my blog

Anonymous said...

I love those wristwarmers...gorgeous colour too :) Not that we need them here at the moment, it's really warm!!