Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Life in baby steps.

Gosh I am finding this hard work, every day watching to see what more I can do - measuring, counting heartbeats, drinking wine before bed and then up again at 6am. Currently I am testing another pattern for Yarn addict a pretty little cowl and wrist warmers but they are not enough to make me forget why I am feeling this way.

And then I poke my head through the door and this is what I see and my heart melts and I know why I feel like I do.


busybusybeejay said...

Thinking about you Sarah.Such a difficult time.

Sugar Hippo said...

That dog is so darn cute! How does something so big squeeze into such a little basket? I hope he's improving - Lola sends her love to Ted and I send mine to you. x

Claire said...

He is so beautiful, worth all the effort. Hope he's a happy doggy now - love to you all