Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Oops I did it again!

It is not often these days that I have the house to myself, this morning I was up at 6am as is now the norm here but then at 6.30 I made him indoors his cup of tea (7am is usual) and we began the day - by 7.50 we were in the car and off to the station with London Euston the days destination (sadly all I got to do was a drive by and drop off) and then back home to the empty house that is just Ted and I, Lottie had caught the school bus at 8.20 and is off to Manchester on the train later for an afternoon of Shakespeare's 'As you like it' and then dinner with the rest of the group.

I on the other hand will have 2 different station runs later - one to Crewe for him indoors and the other to Nantwich for Lottie.

So as a small treat to myself I sat down with Ravelry and my breakfast and did a little surfing - I was only looking you understand but I found the prettiest pattern called 'Sweet Shoppe' and I was sold, I have a pretty skein of NDS Dazzle HT that would be perfect! The pattern is printed, the needles ready and waiting, I just need to wind the yarn. Must knock a few things off the to-do list first though.

More soon once I get started - I also have some more testing to show you as well.


Claire said...

That is so pretty, what weight of yarn are you using? I am sorely tempted to get the pattern myself, although I haven't worked on Spriteling in an age as I am snowed under at the moment with course work. In fact I only noticed yesterday that Spriteling's ball of yarn has mysteriously gone for a walk under the table !!!!

Sarah Knits said...

I am using sock weight yarn for this. Most of my stash is either sock or lace weight I don't often use anything heavier. Glad to hear from you I was wondering how you are?