Monday, 11 May 2009

Happy and Sad!

Hey there! If you wondered where I was well I have been sitting on the edge of a cliff (metaphorically speaking). My poor doggie is sick and will most likely need heart surgery to fix him. This should make him completely better but we are waiting for the surgeon to come back from his holidays - hope to hear today. It has been a horrible 2 weeks watching him constantly. Am hoping this week is a beter week.

On a brighter note I managed to get not 1 or 2 but 3 bats of posh fiber last night and am quite excited! Hope it arrives soon. Doggie and I like spinning he is quite happy to be near me just sleeping or watching my wheel go round so it should give me an excuse to sit outside with him! I am sorry that you thought I was trying to out do you Allison I have had my wheel for years now - I had it for ages and it was missing some vital parts (I bought it in an auction) and then I found a local lady who showed me how to use it and had the extra stuff that I needed to get going.

The wheel was played with for a summer and then I got fed up with the carding of the fleece as it was a bit messy to do inside and it went back into the garage until you got me excited about spinning again. I am hoping the the posh bats are alot less messy and I can enjoy doing it again. And yes I did get over excited and buy too many bats but they are so lovely! I am not very good with a drop spindle as I try to spin too fine and it breaks and drops the spindle and then I get cross with it! I can't wait to see the yarn come out from all of our efforts.

Bat pictures as soon as they arrive - I promise in the mean time hope all is well for you!

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Sugar Hippo said...

I'm so sorry your pooch is sick - he looks like such an adorable dog. It's a horrible time when pets are ill because they can't tell you how they feel and just look really sad. (From what I remember there is nothing so woeful as a lab that feels sorry for himself!) I hope the surgery goes well and he is soon back to his usual self.