Friday, 1 January 2010

Christmas has come, been and gone!

Happy New Year to you all.

Time for a quick catch up on all the mayhem that has taken place here in Cheshire over the festive period.....

Firstly though I need to show you the lovelies that arrived in my Secret Santa box

A lovely scarf to keep me warm (it is just beginning to snow here).

The other goodies were a fabulous teddy bear, a beautiful bead bookmark (already in use as you can see), a pretty snowman box filled with lovely chocs (all gone now), a lovely tea canister (filled with tea), a wonderful smelling bag full of lovely spices to make mulled wine (just what we need to chase away the cold) and a calligraphy set which has been bagged by Lottie already!

Thank you secret Santa Claire! I hope that the move went well and you catch up with us all again soon.

As for the mayhem well I have manged to pull the muscle in my leg playing on 'just dance' for the wii on Christmas day - you have to try these things don't you? I then went on to make it worse whilst walking with the dog.

You may recall that we were waiting for the car to come home so we could go away for New Year but that didn't happen due to parts not arriving in time and then the garage making a mistake whilst putting it back together so now we are still waiting for more parts to arrive and then it can go to be MOT'd. To make matters worse the cam belt on my car snapped whilst I was taking Lottie off to her boyfriends house and we had to be recovered (3 1/2 hours later), fortunately we were only 10 minutes walk from home so all was not lost. It does however mean that I will need a new car VERY soon..... off for a test drive tomorrow!

I just wanted to share this picture with you considering all we have been through this last year with our 'baby'.

Ted enjoying his special present from 'Auntie Allison'!

So with all of that I think you are just about caught up with our goings on and I hope to be back on track again very soon. With all good wishes for the new year, Sarah.

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Sugar Hippo said...

Ah! Ted is so lovely! Not that you're not of course ... it's just that he is extra lovely!!!