Friday, 15 January 2010

Long, long ago!

You may recall that sometime last year I bought a set of Harry Potter sock wool, well I have been using some of it to make what Lottie calls 'glittens' a cross between gloves and mittens although technically the real ones have a flap you can pull down over your exposed fingers!
Firstly I made some from 'Tonks' but they were worn as soon as they were finished so I never got to show you and then I have just finished the ones I have been making for 'him indoors' to wear whilst he works - it is cold in his office even with his heater so they keep his hands warm
while he is working, they are made from 'Draco'

I managed to find a well worn tonks to borrow for the picture.

Also I have rediscovered a pair of gloves I made for me from 'Harry and Ron' but one of them still has ends to sew in, that is one of the reasons I don't make many gloves but the glittens churn out like vanilla socks.

I have also got a pair of monkey socks on the needles in the 'Harry Potter' colourway but they have been put down since I started to do the Christmas knitting.

I was counting up the pairs of socks that I do have on the needles at the moment and it totals 5 pairs so I think a spot of finishing off is called for - I did cast off one of my 'circle socks' last night but I now have to cast on for the other one.... hmm. I also have a large number of other projects that need attention so for now I am going to try a spot of finishitis and see how far I get. Will keep you posted on that!


Claire said...

Sounds like a good idea. I know I've got a shawl, a fairisle mitten and a cardigan stashed away somewhere, to finish. After the house move may never see them again :) I knitted my son a scarf last week - he doesn't like them normally, but he was so cold - so I knitted it in garter stitch then found an old fairisle jumper I'd felted yonks ago and cut dinosaurs out of it and stitched them on the scarf. Now he loves it and I've had nice comments and queries as to whether or not I can make them with flowers on. So I've cast on another scarf which will have intarsia squares with felted flowers in. I'll post a piccie when it's done.

Sugar Hippo said...

Love the Glittens! They're very similar to the purple pair I knittedf or Thomas' girlfriend for Christmas - I never knew that's what they were called ;D. I currently have two pairs of socks & a shawl on the go. I'm about to CO on a beret for my Mum's birthday but as that's Friday, shouldn't be doing that long! Am just blocking a shawl/scarf I did over Christmas - will blog pics soon! x