Friday, 8 January 2010

Frozen up!

Thought I would just have a quick moan about the weather today! When I got up at 7am our water was frozen - I turned on the tap and nothing! It took a bit of surfing from 'him in doors' to pin point the solution and I set to work in the garage with the hair dryer. Lo and behold we now have running water. I didn't realise it was 'THAT' bad but apparently we are not the only house in the street with same issue. At least if it happens again I will know what to do.

On another note apologies to my Secret Santa as I forgot to mention the lovely box of candles that were also in my parcel (I put them safe but have now found them again!).

I hope all is well with everyone and you are keeping safe and warm in this frosty weather. Lottie managed to get Wednesday off as a snow day but has been at school for the rest of the time. I have had no excuse not to go to work as I am near enough to walk anyway - sometimes that is a downside!

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Sugar Hippo said...

It's pretty cold here too but luckily we didn't have frozen pipes! I had two snow days but were open Friday - typically my car battery was completely flat when I tried to go to work and I had to walk. Three miles across the fields!!!! Fortunately I managed to scrounge a lift back!