Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Year of the crochet!

I am fairly new to crochet and last year I started the lovely 'Lula' scarf from here (www.thenaturaldyestudio.com/queenies-lula-crochet-scarf-pdf-pattern-3280-p.asp). I put it down to work on other things as the crochet was not flowing for me (it was not the kit it was me). But at Christmas I put in my Santa box a kit for the stunning Clementine wrap and couldn't help but have a go at the motif (sorry Barbara) using some spare lace weight that I had and I found that I loved it - alot- in fact those little motifs kept me sane through my usual Christmas nightmare (although they took ages to do).

So this then prompted me to pick the lula scarf back up again and I have nearly finished it (again I am still quite slow), plus I have about 6 projects on the go as well. So bad girl that I am I signed up for the January motif club, which arrived yesterday, and also I purchased the Elizabeth cowl pattern and some yarn to go with it which also arrived yesterday - had to have a go at that straight away - it would seem that I am 'hooked' on crochet currently! Something has to keep me sane as we are still without wheels, mine should be arriving at the weekend but the news on Dave's is not good at the moment (we still may not be able to go away at half term). I even had to borrow my Mum's car last weekend so that I could refill the freezer and larder. At least I won't have to carry stuff from the Co-op this week! Hopefully I will be able to show you pics of my new little run around very soon (no soft top though Allison sorry to be a disappointment).

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Sugar Hippo said...

Shame about the soft top! I still live in hope that one day I'll own one! I love the Lula scarf - I used to crochet a lot but I sort of went off it onto knitting. I like the look of that Rose Dangle scarf so maybe I should get 'into' it again.