Monday, 22 March 2010

Size 6's

As you can see I have a limited number of size 6 colours, they are all lovely though! I know that Claire was interested, does anyone else want any as well?

I am not quite sure where last week went to but it involved a trip to school early on Tuesday (art exam background was too large to go on the bus), bead classes on Monday and Friday mornings, an Embroiderers' guild meeting on Thursday morning and a trip to the garage on Wednesday and Friday to check up on the car, plus I have been to work every afternoon as well!

I have been rather quiet on the subject of the car as I am more than a little fed up with the whole thing, eventually (2 weeks ago) we bought a new block but it is taking far too long to fit - hence the trips to the garage to check they are actually doing the work and not just faffing around. I have said I would like it back this Friday so that we can at least give it an outing before we try and take it to Norfolk for Easter but at this point I am not holding my breath. I am so fed up as we have now missed New year and half term trips away and I don't want to do the same for Easter - I need my sea air, I miss it!

Hopefully I should have better news later in the week - will keep you posted!


Claire said...

Hope your car gets better soon - nothing worse than having to wait for the garage to get their fingers out and do the work. I'm lucky in that my brothers own a garage and pride themselves on customer service. Although they are well aware that I would nag them if they kept it too long. I'm going to email you about the size 6's.

busybusybeejay said...

Hope you sort out the car soon.Are you enjoying being so busy or is work getting in the way?

Sugar Hippo said...

I'm disappointed! I thought size 6's referred to shoes! The beads are very pretty but I do like a nice pair of shoes ;-)