Tuesday, 9 March 2010


I can't believe I have just done this! I have spent about 3 weeks working on a crochet scarf as a gift and it has just this minute walked out of the door and I didn't take a picture..... banging head and muttering now!

I made it from some 'Posh' lovely cashmere blend in a purple and blue using an NDS pattern, I am so stupid.

Anyway so 'Startitis' is calling it must be the sunshine - that and the fact that over on the stash basket blog they are having a sock a month along (pair that is) and the pattern is so pretty.

Here at the Sarah knits house it has been mostly crochet since January and I have been loving it - although far too much startitis. I now have another crochet scarf for Lottie and an English Country Garden CAL project (undecided as to the final item yet).

Over half term I managed to get to a small 'local' Aberkahn shop and pick up some DK yarn for my 2-at-a-time small socks and have cast them on although progress is quite slow as the crochet got in the way. I have also just got the extra long 2.5mm needle so I can try the regular socks as 2-at-a-time. Hmm too many projects again but the Grand Prix season is upon us so until it warms up enough to really get going on the garden I will need to occupy myself a bit at the weekends (yippee). Must go and put some more washing on now! More soon.......


Claire said...

I agree with you about startitis and spring - I am having to discipline myself severely at the moment as my table is covered in projects. And I've plans for yet more :)

busybusybeejay said...

Good luck with your projects and keep us informed.Other people's projects often inspire me to try something different.can we see a photo of the pattern for the scarf and use our imagination to see it made up.