Monday, 20 December 2010


Firstly I need to say a huge 'thank you' to my secret Santa - we both know who she is. My parcel arrived by Royal mail yesterday! More on that over the weekend!

It is so cold here that our pipes froze over night - I sorted them out at 7am with the hair dryer. My neighbours are away and so I checked on theirs and the water softener burst as they thawed - turned off the water and am awaiting a plumber!

I have finished my corseted mittens but you have no hope of a pic as I am wearing them and am not taking them off!

I hope you are all keeping warm and safe - back again soon once I am warmer!

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Sugar Hippo said...

Eek! Am I the only impatient girly who couldn't wait for Christmas?? I feel bad now .... but I'll get over it! Did you use my aran for the mitts? I simply must see a photo .... you can just do one hand while you're wearing them. It is a glorious pattern isn't it? I've made 5 pairs now, all different colours and yarns and they all look fabulous.