Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Trunk Show and Tell!

Saturday was cold and slightly snowy but happily it did not stop us from our trip to Knutsford. I have to say that Amanda and Phil are lovely and I wish that I had more money in my budget (I thought what I had was pretty OK) but there was so much to choose from and I knew that there were things that I definitely had to get.

First up was a new 'Gigi' kit which I have hardly put down the yarn is a dk weight - 40/40/20 Alpaca/Merino/silk and takes 2 skeins.

Progress so far:

Note the fab new ebony hook (from an Eco friendly source) which is a dream to use.I also wanted some more Dazzle BFL for another 'jazz' and a 'secret item' as well

So all that took my entire budget - like I mentioned I thought it seemed quite large enough but clearly it was not! A fab time was had and to complete the day Dave and I managed to find some new wall lights for the lounge (something we had been looking for a long time). I hope that NDS will come back to a yarn shop near me again as it is so nice to be able to feel the yarn as well. Hope you all had a warm and woolly weekend although I suspect most of you had more snow than we did!


busybusybeejay said...

Look like great purchases.I was really disappointed at Harrogate that there were not more wool stalls.It is difficult buying on line as the colours never seem the same when you get them and you can't feel them.Wish I'd known about Knutsford.Is there a good wool shop there?

Claire said...

Lovely yarn, and I love the kit you are working on.

I'm with you on buying online, BBJ. Most of the time I get what I want but there have been some boo boos. Like the time I bought 500g of yarn that was described as burnt orange and looked burnt orange in the picture but turned out to be bright red !!!! Mind you my Mum had a use for it so all was not lost.

Sugar Hippo said...

Ooh! Lovely colours, I'm pretty sure I have that bluey green one in Dazzle. I love your crochet too, I can crochet but I just don't seem to be able to get the hang of those joining motifs. I really should give it another try.