Wednesday, 29 December 2010


I find myself here with a huge apology - I haven't taken the pics I promised and I am 4 hrs from home!

Christmas seemed to be a blur - where did that few days go? I opened my secret Santa box the day it arrived although some of it was in a car at the petrol station (yes I was excited!) and some when we got home. I didn't take pics cos I was embarrassed by my excitement but I packed it all back up for taking photos. Then the black hole that is family time closed in and I find myself in Norfolk for the New year - the box is still full of the amazing gifts I received but on my sofa and not here with me. Thank you Barbara - I promise to honour my box as soon as I am 'home'. It is deserved and I am so happy to have you girls as my friends.

New year approaches and exciting projects loom - I want so much to take this chance to wish you all a fantastic 2011.

2010 I thought should have been my year for no other reason than the number looked good and solid but that turned out to be a crock of crud so hears to 2011 - I am not so keen on the number but hey everything else could be wild. I will be back with news of my in car knitting and maybe a couple of new ventures to send you to sleep.

Happy New Year and very best wishes to you all! Much love, S xxx

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Sugar Hippo said...

Oh do hope you have a happy new year break and I can't wait to see the pics of what you got in your box - sooo exciting! We all had wonderful gifts again I think we're a very lucky bunch of ladies!