Monday, 13 December 2010

Xmas is still not coming!

Yes that is my cry every year - someone presses the fast forward button on my life once the calender gets to Dec 1st.

Last week was fun - the car was taken away finally by Green flag, the washing machine died on me and then was replaced and I actually managed to start my Christmas shopping. I now have a fixed and returned car (Dave's car not mine) and a shiny new washing machine plus a fairly tidy garage (that is where it lives along with the mice). I also have that slightly strange feeling of having started the xmas shopping but not finished it and wondering what else I need to get to fulfill those extra spaces!

Anyone else in the same boat or are you all done and dusted on the xmas front?


Claire said...

OH I wish - ever get that feeling that there's someone important you've left out? My Secret Santa box is on target to be posted tomorrow and I need to knuckle down to some serious card writing

busybusybeejay said...

My Secret Santa box is ready to be posted tomorrow.I have nearly finished my xmas shopping.We have to exchange presents with my brother and my stepmother this Thursday so they are done.I just need something else for our son and his wife.Very difficult as they have pots of money to buy what they want for themselves .We have to go into Chester tomorrow so decisions will have to be made.I am not going again!