Thursday, 27 January 2011


I have finally cast off and blocked the sushi shawl and I must admit it is a relief! Firstly I was worried as the yarn seemed quite hard as I knitted (it was BFL so was expecting soft) but after a little soak it does feel much nicer. Also I have never knitted from a sock roll before and the knitting seemed quite bumpy (like knitting with an unraveled jumper) but again these have gone with the soaking and blocking. I reached a point for about a week where it didn't seem to grow at all (this is why I avoid rectangular shawls) and this is why the monogamy was vital to finishing as I probably would have picked up another project in order to see progress. But I did enjoy the pattern as I could memorise all but the centre part and even that became familiar with time. On the whole I have really enjoyed this project and I now know that if I am to do rectangular items I must try to be more monogamous and not get distracted. So last night I picked up the cast on mitten and carried on, the next pair will be 2 at a time I think.....must finish mittens before February as I am having a month of finishing off pairs of socks - I have rather a lot of unfinished ones on the needles - again a bit more monogamy should pay off! Any one else care to join me in 'Finish it Feb'?

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busybusybeejay said...

I love the yarn and the pattern but agree with you that scarves and stoles are rather monotonous.I much prefer to do shawls.I have a pair of socks on the go also,a spiral pattern from The Big Book of Socks.I am up to date on my knitting and crochet blankets so am making Ruby(3) a cardie for the summer with some cotton dk that I have's so nice to knit a garment!