Tuesday, 18 January 2011


Now you know me by now and you know that I usually have about 3 or 4 items that I am actively working on at any one time. Well January is monogamy month and besides the second sweet jazz which is my car knitting I have been fairly monogamous - except that I cast on for another pair of mittens. These however are just hanging around though waiting for me to finish my Sushi shawl along (SSA5). I am not sure however that monogamy makes me more productive - that was the test really. It would seem that I only pick it up either when I am avoiding a household task I hate or at the start of the evening before dinner is made.

Routine in our household means that dinner is served quite late (not by my choice) and so I often have an hour before I have to go and start pan bashing. There is sometimes an opportunity to sit down mid way through for a few minutes and I know when there has been socks on the go that they would often have a couple of rounds added at this point but it would seem that if there is anything that needs a bit more attention then this time is not used productively. Conclusion to be drawn from January is that I need both a patterned item and a 'no brainer' on the go at all times. Hey I think that means that the monogamy may be over ..........

PS If you haven't had a look at Allison's online yarn shop then please do - there are some yummy yarns to be had and although I love to have my pick of them I am also happy to share the yarn love and let you top up your stash - there is plenty to go around!



busybusybeejay said...

Apart from my two blankets I only have some socks on the go.I just can't get going on anything else.
Have you any plans for future projects this year?What are you going to knit with Allison's yarn?Let us know.

Claire said...

Still got a fair amount of UFOs, but I'm currently knitting a babies double breasted jacket - this is for Sue Hill who uses outknitters to produce her garments. I am hoping to get regular work from her as she uses a Merino/Cashmere combination which is a dream to knit with.

I'm also knitting a complicated hat from The Knitter in some Rowan pure wool chunky my Mum gave me, although transcribing the knotted brim from right hand to left handed knitting is proving to be a bit of a headache.