Saturday, 4 July 2009

4 to go!

You will be pleased to hear that there will be 4 of us on the diet - along and it starts on Sunday! Scales at the ready and calorie guides in hand girls. Here are a few diet myths that we won't be using!

If someone gives it to you it doesn't count! (yes it does or you won't get very far)

If it is frozen it doesn't count - according to my Mums friend frozen chocolates have no calories?!? (they do and that is why she doesn't loose weight at slimming world).

If it matches the colour of the plate it doesn't have calories! (where do people get these from of course it does).

And a couple of 'helpful hints' as well :-

Drink lots of water ( I think 2 litres is the goal), it will make you go to the loo lots at first but then that settles down in a few days. This really does help the pounds to go. Last time I did this I found that on the bad weeks where I didn't loose anything it was because I hadn't drunk enough.

Do a bit more exercise than you normally would, don't go mad or you will hurt yourself but walking is one of the best things. Build up slowly and then pick up the pace a bit.

Rosemary Conley has a 2 week no alcohol or treats 1200 calorie kick start and after that you can have a glass of wine a high fat treat and a few more calories so tonight will be my last glass for a couple of weeks ! At least I will be able to plod on with the lace!

Make a note to self of your start weight and also set yourself a goal of how much you want to loose (usually they only let you put down a stone at a time) but I want to loose a stone and a half.


PS I am up to row 21 on Tilia.


busybusybeejay said...

Fancy getting to row 21.Amazing!!I have just had to undo a row.The nupps are proving a problem.

Sugar Hippo said...

I'm depressed already! I shall be sticking to my slimming world diet as I lost 2 stone with that a couple of years ago. I am now 10 lbs above my target weight so I shall be trying to get back down to that. No chocolate for me then!