Sunday, 5 July 2009

Weigh in!

So I did a first weigh in today (7am) and it seems that I am 11stone bang on! Oh dear that is not good news and 'him indoors' is most upset that I have put so much weight back on after I did so well a couple of years ago!

I have a small problem today in that we are going to a birthday party later for which I have made 3 puddings, fresh strawberries (the healthy option), summer pudding (a fairly healthy option) and chocolate truffle torte (heart attack on a plate) all of which can be served with or without cream. The problem though is this I really want to try them as I haven't made the pudding and torte in so long that I feel I must taste them just to be sure that I did them right. If I only taste them do you think it will be OK? If not then too bad 'cause I need to check I got it right - market research etc........ Will do a long walk to make up for it later instead.

PS Anything I can do to help with the nupp problem BeeJay?

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