Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Do or Diet!

For those of you wanting to loose a few pounds the 'diet along' starts on Sunday(unless you have a better suggestion for weigh in day in which case just shout up).

This week all you have to do is choose the diet you are going to follow and then weigh yourself. It doesn't matter what time of day you do it - as long as it is the same each week.

All we need to know is how many pounds you have lost each week and at the end of the month the winner will be sent a small goodie by everyone else - does that sound like fun? You will also need to share you address with the group (send it out by email please).

How is the unofficial lace along doing? My Tilia shawl is going quite well although I did have to undo a few rows as I missed a YO and clearly I can't count to 14 anymore! Normally missing YO's are easy to correct on the purl row but if you don't spot it and carry on regardless then unpicking seems to be the only way to fix it. I thought I would really hate working from a chart but it seems easier than I thought (and yes the pattern is starting to look like it should). The lace seems to be a good project in this heat - a good excuse to sit still anyway!


Sugar Hippo said...

OK, count me in. I will weigh on Sunday (do I have to tell you how much!!!) Shall I take a photo of the scales and e-mail it to you as proof and then do the same next Sunday?! I will try and run more often too,

Sarah Knits said...

No need to tell me how much you weigh unless you want to, just say how much you have lost each week. It will work on trust! Walking is much better for you than running, just go at a pace (according to the one show).

Sugar Hippo said...

Ah! The wisdom of Adrian Chiles! The only good thing about my runs is the beer at the end!

Claire said...

Count me in as well, although I have a headstart as I've lost 1/2 stone on WW diet so far. But for this diet along i'll start again. My lace shawl is coming along slowly as I've about five other things on the go at the moment. I haven't cast on for Tilia yet but am hoping to do so very shortly.