Wednesday, 8 July 2009

So far so okay!

I would like to say so far so good but I have not managed to give up my glass of wine yet! Last week it was no problem I didn't have any because it was too hot and I was sitting out with my knitting and feeling a bit lonely (him indoors was away and Lottie was in and out being busy). This week however all are home and it is nice to sit on the sofa with everyone home and relax and chat about all that has gone on.

On the food front I have been quite good, yesterday I managed beans on toast for lunch and the quorn sausage and veg for dinner - that's not too bad really but I don't think that I drank enough water so will have to try harder with that today. Plus we manged our walk once Lottie had been retrieved from work experience (she is loving it and has had her drawings submitted as part of a planning application so is very proud).

I have finished the first chart on Tilia and am working on the second set, there are a few less stitches now so it is slightly quicker! Top down shawls seem to get to a point where the rows take ages and it grows so slowly this one is quite the reverse it grows really slowly to begin with especially as you are only decreasing by 2 stitches each row. We shall see how quickly it grows soon I hope.

Keep up with the good work girls it is only half a week until weigh in! Plus it is Wednesday so your posh pink packages should arrive today (can't wait to see your goodies). Did the box reach home yet Claire?

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