Monday, 6 July 2009

Just a quick one!

Hey Diet Girls,

Hope today goes well for us all, yesterday was a bit of a none starter for me - buffet lunch at the party (wasn't standing there counting calories was I) plus needed to try a very small sample of each pud (didn't add extra cream). Think they might have been OK as more than 1 person went back for more! I did however manage a long walk later on but did have 2 glasses of wine - see I can't even manage that bit. But as Alison points out yesterday was only weigh in day so we can start again today!

I don't think lack of breakfast is a problem really, you could try having a snack mid morning instead if that works. What is important is having enough calories as if you don't eat enough the body stores everything instead! I know it sounds silly but the body thinks that there could be a famine and so saves every bit it can and so you won't loose weight no matter what you do. That is why yo can only do 2 weeks on 12oo cals and then have to eat more after that.

I had a look at the comments bit and I have had this problem before. I have to log in to blogger and then go to the blog post to comment that way it doesn't need the log in bit on the post page (hope that makes sense).

Am sad you are not getting on with the knupps I have managed to get into a bit of a rhythm with them but I have to be careful when I purl them all together. Ah light bulb moment here, when it comes to the purl together part I am very careful and I count each wrap bit onto the needle taking care that they are not crossed over each other, if they cross as you purl them then that could account for why you are getting 'messy' looking knupps. If you are passing near me this week we could meet up and I could show you if that would be of any use?

Allison well done on getting the Tilia you wanted! I am glad you will be joining us. Can't wait to see how everyone gets on.

Must dash now as I have a beading class this morning and I haven't seen them in ages so I have loads of stuff to get ready! At least I can't eat if I am busy.

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busybusybeejay said...

Just seeing if this works.Has the box returned home,do we know?