Tuesday, 8 September 2009

When did life get busy again?

Without really knowing why life has all of a sudden shot past me again! We have been home just over a week and in that time I still have a pile of shoes / crocs / trainers in the hall waiting for a space back under the stairs! I have diverted one family crisis (attempted burglary, not at my house I might add) and found myself in the midst of another (him indoors may not be actually going outdoors to work after next week) or at least until he gets another job anyway. Lottie is now in the final year for GCSE's and has attended a guide centenary day in congleton and I have to do an open day in Nantwich for Embroiderers guild at the weekend plus arrange a committee meeting before our AGM next week. Now where did last week and this one go........?

Hope everyone else is having a quieter time although it sounds like lots of school related stuff is going on for you all. Will be back soon once the whirlwind has subsided!

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busybusybeejay said...

Hope lottie enjoyed her guide day.I think that was the event that my friend Pauline McKeown was involved in organising.She has been County Commissioner until quite recently.We were in school and college together and still mmet up twice a year.Enjoy your weekend.