Monday, 28 September 2009

A fresh new week!

How interesting I think to myself! I mentioned to 'him indoors' that whilst he is not going to work he might like to paint the lounge (the ceiling was re plastered about 2 years ago and is still bare plaster) and we have some paint that would do the job perfectly well in the garage. I have never seen him get his CV out there so fast and set up some interviews as quick in my life! He has already had 1 phone interview, he has another today and one more on Wednesday. We also managed a few episodes of Murder she wrote, Monk and Count Down and believe me that lady needs to find dresses that do not make her look like she should be on Boots corner!

The other thing we have also been able to do is the weekend length dog walk on most days so extra exercise is great, am hoping to have lost a few pounds soon!

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Sugar Hippo said...

I discovered the OCD suffering Monk during the summer hols and now I have to set up the Sky+ .....