Thursday, 3 September 2009

Rain eugh!

Just to try and cheer the day up (it has been raining again today) I thought I would share with you a couple of photos. Firstly my happy dog:

He was enjoying a lovely day on Brancaster beach - one of our favourite beaches in this area as when the tide is in it is so close but when it is out it is miles away with loads of lovely beach to play on or even fly your kite on:

Just look at that fabulous blue sky! There I feel better already. I have noticed though that there are no pics of me on holiday - I was there and I did have a fab time but it would seem that I was only a spectator and not worthy of a picture! I did however manage to finish the lavender pod I was knitting and fill it with the lavender that the mother-in-law brought for me and knit up to the arm holes on my Hanna jumper and cast on for a sleeve for this jumper. I also knitted most of a fingerless glove in Harry Potter 'tonks' yarn. So I was quite busy really - besides all the usual holiday type stuff!

Back to the washing again as some of my yesterdays load got soaked in the rain!


Claire said...

We had a belter of a downpour today while I was at work. It was just like someone had upended the Channel over Folkestone and let rip. Chorus of plaintiff cries - I left my washing out !!! Nice to see happy dog and I envy you your sandy beach. All of ours are very stony and steep, and you always end up with a shoe full of shingle as you slide down towards the sea.

Sugar Hippo said...

I envy you both! I live in the most landlocked county in England! Enough with the beaches!!! Nice to see Ted looking so fit & healthy, looks like he had a fab time! Does the Tonks work well as gloves as I have a ball to use up (amongst others!)