Wednesday, 16 September 2009

AGM Loomes!

Sorry I have been awol for a while but the AGM is on Thursday and it seems that everything left to do falls on me! Yesterday I went out on the hunt for gifts for the retiring committee (you can't get much for £5 it seems) so I spent a bit more and got some fabulous 'Oliver Twist' - one of a kind packs!

Also yesterday we heard that Dave's contract will be terminated (friday we will hear the plans to do this) so I have also been brushing up his CV!

On the plus side I have finished Lottie mittens and her 'no drop Clop' (basically a clapotis but without the dropped stitches) so will try and get some piccies up later.

Glad to hear the boxes are on the move again but sad that this will the last time for Clara, I must admit that I feel glad to have met you all even though it was through a shared bad experience.


Claire said...

I agree with you, that it has been nice to meet so many wonderful people, and although Clara won't be parcel swapping with us, we can still keep in touch. We all have so much in common.

Sorry to hear your DH's contract is coming to an end. Do you work? Hope all goes well with getting another job.

Sugar Hippo said...

Oh bad luck on the redundancy front. That's not good news. Fingers crossed he will be snapped up quickly. Sometimes a change is a good thing - you never know he may get something even better. xx

busybusybeejay said...

I love reading your blogs and hope we are going to keep it up.Good luck on the job front.