Monday, 29 June 2009

Cast off cast on again!

Saturday morning brought a swift knock at the door from the post lady followed by 2 sets of feet tearing down the stairs! You guessed it the lovely pink posh parcel has arrived. Lottie and I are chuffed with our Tilia kits and had to inspect them thoroughly before putting them aside and getting on with the rest of Saturday.

I spent the afternoon and evening finishing my forest canopy shawl in 'June wedding' whilst him indoors and Lottie watched 'Terminator'. I was not popular for not 'watching' the film but I am not really into all of that shoot 'em up stuff. Plus I finished the shawl (it only took 3 weeks).

Sunday morning I was awake so early I got up and wound my 'meander' yarn into a ball using the lovely step ladder and tin foil tube - it only took 1 1/2hours to do. But then I cast on. I firstly cast on 57sts and then put a marker in and put another every 50 sts. It made it easy to work out where I was up to. After that once the real work began I removed those markers and put a ring marker in for every pattern repeat and a special on in for the middle stitches. I found that this means I only have to work out where I am on each repeat and not have to keep counting stitches. I must confess I have never worked from a chart but I am finding it a lot easier than I thought it would be. I have completed 7 rows from the pattern so far and am loving it.

Will put some pics up later but have to go and sort Lottie out now as it is the start of her 2 weeks work experience and she is very nervous!

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Working Mom Knits said...

Even though I got my first choice in the color selection - I am STILL very jealous that you got meander! AND that you've got yout kit!!!