Thursday, 5 November 2009

Ha Ha Beads are small!

"Beads are small" says Allison, yes they are unless you are buying them in 250g or 500g bags! plus little plastic boxes to package them all in! At one point I was teaching 3 -4 classes a week and I had a huge stock of beads so that I could do this as there was not very much locally available but I still have quite a large stock left and I only teach classes occasionally but when I do I have to haul out the boxes and baskets that hide in the office cupboard and it usually leaves a huge mess behind! Plus the dining room is filled with my own selection of beads and samples and works in progress and my fairly small but growing stash of yarn!

Any suggestions on how to deal with all of this? I wish I could vacuum pack the beads but I don't think it would work somehow. On reflection I think I should just set up a web site and sell them that way - I am just not sure I have the skill to do this yet.

Actually I could just put them in a box and send them out as a secret Santa - anyone fancy that?

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Sugar Hippo said...

Aah! I hadn't quite realised the magnitude of your bead stash! And yes, plastic boxes are hard to vacuum pack!!! I see your dilemma but bead bombing does sound like fun! Perhaps I should yarn bomb in return.