Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Want to hear a story?

There once was a man who went to America for his new job (OK so this is about Dave). The condition was that he bring home some lovely wool and I promised not to mind too much! So on Friday he says to the nice chap giving the training, 'hey I don't suppose you know of anywhere that sells wool do you?' The nice chap says 'I know someone who will' and proceeds to phone an even nicer lady who promised to email a list of shops near to the office (and hotel which is just around the corner). She did this along with her thoughts on each shop! Dave then emailed this to me to have a looky at. The nearest and one with the nicest people (according to said lady) was quite close and their web site, although it didn't have stock on just the yarn brands etc, said they were having a trunk show last weekend with giant balls of hand painted yarn (each ball large enough to make a garment or throw) so I quite liked the sound of this and told Dave about it.

On Saturday he set off with the vague address but couldn't find the shop (silly man I would have written it down first) so he begs another nice person in a shopping arcade to look up the address on their laptop - which they generously did! This then makes it easy to find the shop and when he gets there he shows the lady at the counter the bits of yarn I sent with him and she tells him yes they have plenty of sock yarn, he also asks about the trunk show and she explains that the giant balls are all around the shop but feel free to have a good look around (he also notes that there were several ladies knitting in the shop and chatting together). So eventually he chooses a giant ball and the ladies who are knitting stop and chat to him saying that what he has chosen it gorgeous and that I will love it. That done he pays and leaves the shop. What surprised him most was how nice everyone was to him (a man in what he considers a girls shop), I did remind him that most knitters are really nice people and of course they would encourage him to get something nice for me and be supportive if his choice!

Moral of the story, 'knitters are nice - even in foreign lands' and I thank them (even though they will never know) for showing kindness to a strange man and making him feel not so silly for buying me a giant ball of yarn!

I will post pics once I have the ball in my possession but I am quite excited to see what it will be like!

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Sugar Hippo said...

Oh I'm behind on my blog watching so apologies but what a fantastic man you have! I'm not sure I could even get mine to venture near a yarn shop on his own (although I did catch him perusing the Get Knitting site the other day) ..... can't wait to see the giant ball, it sounds fab! And of course, I already knew knitters were nice ....... :-D