Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Not so grumpy today!

It is true, I am not so grumpy today - sorry about yesterday it was a bit nerve wracking as I knew there was no way for Dave to contact me until he arrived at his new office today (he will not get a new mobile phone with this lot and the last one went with the job), we didn't have time to sort out one before he went away and usually he would at least use it to email me. Good news he has arrived and has a dinky new net book that he can at least email from when he is the office. I hope I will sleep a bit better tonight.

The holiday was great, the weather was warm and the sea was splashy - we managed a good walk every day and even had a trip to Holt (I got a new Joules gillet in my favourite bright pink). I have just got to get to grips with the office now - rather too many beads for his liking I think. Anybody need any beads????? Or a futon maybe?

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Sugar Hippo said...

I have an Aunt who lives in Holt - it's nice there! At least beads are easy to hide as they're small. It's all my skeins of yarn I have to worry about. I've even bought some of those vacuum bags to stuff them in but there still seem to be loads - I have to suck the air out & then poke them under the bed quickly.