Tuesday, 10 November 2009

That didn't kill me!

OK so firstly an apology I blogged the wrong date for me starting work (I put the 16th and it was yesterday instead), stupid me but never mind!

I don't know about the rest of you but we woke up here in Cheshire to a thick fog which didn't really lift all day eugh! Despite that I managed to make it to my class who were very happy to see me and gave me coffee and mince pies, yum yum.

After that I hot footed it home and let the dog out, grabbed a cup-a-soup and a roll and got changed for work. I walked down the road for a few minutes and to the office (I really will need to get some boots or shoes with a low heel suitable for work). I only normally wear my 'smart' shoes and boots when I am not walking too far so it doesn't matter but I have discovered that our road (small that it is) is a lot uneven, not too much of a problem on the way to work but on the way home in the dark I am all set for a broken ankle sometime soon!

My first 'day' was fine 2 cups of coffee and a presentation on the products that the company sells plus a bit of heads up on the company 'politics' - not difficult at all really (I can't really call 3 hours a 'day' but it felt more like a long meeting). I checked my phone on the way home (again nearly a broken ankle) to find Lottie had missed the bus due to the biology dissection class overrunning and I needed to collect her from her friends house (thank goodness she could go to her friends house). It was really foggy by this time so the journey was horrid.

After dinner it was then time to prepare the samples for the senior section guides I am showing micro macrame too tonight. Gosh when did my life get so busy? Roll on today!

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busybusybeejay said...

What a day but I bet you are going to love it and being able to walk to work.What a bonus.WE woke up to an ok day but met fog on the way into Chester to do Xmas shopping and there it was drizzling and cold and very unpleasant.We rarely get fog here.
Good luck with the rest of the week.