Monday, 9 November 2009

Where did the weekend go?

It is Monday already and I am officially off to work today! I do have a quick beading class to fit in first but hey ho.

Friday night was hectic - I decided to make the treacle toffee which was fine but I was also trying to make cheese sauce to go on the pasta bake - not too much of a problem you say except I needed bread crumbs from the freezer to sprinkle on top and as Lottie moved the butchers block out of the way to get them out of the freezer the wheel fell off. So now I am making pasta bake and treacle toffee and trying to put the wheel back on my wagon! I removed all hot stuff from the heat and rummaged in the garage for the tools, all ended mostly well but the toffee was a bit harder than I intended it to be.

Saturday was a tidying frenzy as we were having a sleep over to go with the village bonfire and it is a good job I did as I landed up feeding 6 teenagers instead of just 2 plus they all came home again with us afterwards (thankfully only the 1 was actually staying). Then came Sunday morning and the dash to church for remembrance Sunday, Lottie was in the flag parade and her friend sat with me in church (I don't go very often but this service I go to every year). I really like this service as it makes me feel so grateful for what I have.

After a further frenzy of returning said friend to rightful parent we had a nice long walk with the dog and then a bit of a game playing frenzy on the Wii. I have discovered that I can't shake my Maracas in time to the music (on the Samba di Amigo game that is) but I can balance a broom on my hand quite well (Wario smoothmoves).

And here we are at Monday morning! I have a great story to tell you about a huge ball of wool and a certain man in New York but that will have to wait until tomorrow!


Sugar Hippo said...

I thought you didn't start work until the 16th so I hope it all went well. Sounds like you had a fun but hectic weekend, work will seem like a piece of cake! You're very good making treacle toffee. I love it but I can't bear the washing up and I always try to eat it while it's still hot and take the roof of my mouth!! I know, I know, it serves me right for being greedy ......

Sarah Knits said...

Yes I am that stupid - I knew it was the second week after half term but I obviously looked at the wrong date in my diary when I typed the blog post! Sorry for the confusion!