Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Help and Support!

So catching up on a few blogs this morning I have a few bits and bobs to say!

My lovely cardboard tube is from a kitchen foil role or cling flim roll, I have used the tube from kitchen roll but these are much thicker and can be used over and over. Plus you can't squash the end as you hold it (sometimes too tightly) if you are feeling fraught! I really could use a swift but as they are quite pricey I must save up a little. Any way I thought the steps idea was one of my best - don't use them very often and much more convenient than my feet!

The Posh yarn sale - usually it is on a Sunday night at 7pm but this week they are having an extra sale for the Tilia kit. It is on Wednesday at 8pm. If you want to buy something you MUST be there on time. It helps to have worked out what it is you want before hand. Several choices are handy. At the allotted time the buy it buttons appear (you may need to refresh your screen) and you click on the button to add item to basket. If it doesn't say out of stock on the form that appears then hit pay now or it might disappear from your basket if you are shopping for more stuff. You then fill out the form and go through to paypal. You can go back and buy more (second items are not charged for postage you need to hit the postage button on the order form). Hope all of that doesn't sound too complicated - please add any tips that you have Beejay and Allison.

Be warned it is very busy and over very quickly - I know lots of people have been waiting for this sale. Dee at posh yarn is really lovely and I know this will be popular.

Knupps are not that bad (sharp needles are the key really I use harmony and they are ok if you make the yarn overs loose).

Diet is a dirty word but someone has to use it! I was thinking that maybe we could all do a diet along as well as all our other 'alongs'. It has helped keep us on track with projects so why not weight loss as well? I need to loose a stone (and a half) perhaps we could do some kind of reward thing - whoever looses the most in a month gets sent small gifts or some thing? Let me know what you think!

Did I miss anything out?

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