Sunday, 7 June 2009

Cast off, cast on!

Its been a strange week really, Tuesday we had our stitches and feeding tube out, but as we still have a large hole in our side the cone must stay! I have begun to notice a few paint chips on the corner of the wall beside the dog bed (note to self must cover those up before him indoors notices). The only downside is I have to look out for the other end of the feeding tube to come out as well - mm that's fun!

So I have managed to finish my monkey socks, grafted the toe yesterday and have now cast on for the top of my mermaid socks.

They don't look that exciting yet do they? Have a bit of special grafting to do and then I can start in the round - its a grand prix day today so I should be able to do that whilst we watch.

The plan with the socks was to cast on last night, glass of wine in the garden (Allison and I are having a sock along) but not to be. It was a horrid day and after a quick dash to Nantwich (birthday pressie and outfit for a party - Lottie not me), I then had to drop said teenager off to party and come home again. The weather was not fit to take the dog out for his first short walk in a long time so we watched a film (him indoors, the dog and I) and I cast on for the top of my sock. I had to stop and retrieve Lottie who by now was soaked as they 'had a water fight' - what is it with kids and water fights, we have come home with so many wet clothes recently I am starting to think I should carry emergency clothes and towels at all times. Any way I finished the top of the sock last night whilst watching 'Mr & Mrs' and not sitting in the garden as it was too cold and too wet! I did have a couple of glasses of wine though! How far did you get Allison and did you manage the garden part?
The box should by now be crossing the 'pond' again wonder where it will land this time?


Sugar Hippo said...

Ooh! You must have skinny ankles (jealous scowl)! I have 72 stitches and the fishtail is coming along nicely now. I used a 2mm needle for the cuff and then went up to a 2.75mm for the tail.

Michaela said...

Yes, actually, they do look very exciting! Going to search out mermaid socks right now, I think i need some of those in my life. Well, judging by the way I can knit single socks, I maybe need one of those in my life!