Wednesday, 24 June 2009

It is Here!

There was a knock on my door at lunch time (it is aways slower out here in the sticks) and there was the post man with a box for me!

And this is what I chose:

Most importantly a message from Ted: THANK YOU ALLISON!

Needless to say I had to bribe him to take this!
So off to the post office in a bit (it is half day closing here in Audlem so will go to Crewe and post it there when I go to pick him indoors up in about an hour).
Where to next - well a small clue might be that there are only 2 more envelopes left to open now and one of those is a return to sender so if you are patiently waiting then it shouldn't be long now!


Working Mom Knits said...

OOOooo! Love your choices! Especially the dark blue-ish :)
You know, of course, that we will all be anxiously clicking into your blog to view the completed projects, right?!

ps: again I say, I <3 (that's a heart) Crewe/Nantwich/Cheshire - the whole shabang!

Sugar Hippo said...

I'm so glad he liked them! I did have a momentary panic after I'd posted as I suddenly thought I'd got confused and Ted was your OH!! He would not have appreciated a bone I'm sure!

Sarah Knits said...

No Dave is my OH and he does not like bones! He couldn't believe that some kind lady I have never met sent bones for the dog as well as goodies through the post - he works with some very 'not nice' people so can't quite believe that there are wonderful people like you box ladies out there!