Thursday, 11 June 2009

Mermaid socks!

So last time I showed you the promising start I had made and I went on to graft the 2 ends of the garter stitch rib no problem! I then picked up the stitches and proceeded with the rest of the sock (here is the problem) I followed the instructions but did not pick up enough stitches to make the sock fit so about 12 rows into the fishtail pattern I tried on the 'sock' and found it was too tight. I frogged the sock back to the garter stitch and I have to be honest I probably would have left it there had it not been for the fact that Allison put up a picture on her blog of how far she had got. So encouraged by her progress I picked up a lot more stitches and began again. This time however it does fit and although I like my socks a bit longer than Allison I am now up to the heel. Fingers crossed I can get that right (must follow instructions carefully). I just wanted to let everyone know that the sock-along idea worked as I felt committed enough to move past the mistake and get going again so thank you Allison for keeping me focused!


Sugar Hippo said...

Nice going! The heel of mine is coming along nicely although I found the instructions wuite confusing - it's just a short row heel but somehow it seems to be written in a very long winded way! Will post more pics later.

busybusybeejay said...

Love the it from a club?
Did you get any posh yarn.i managed to get 2 lots of 2ply but only my second and third choice!!