Monday, 22 June 2009

I broke the car!

I went to get into the car the other day and found that I had petrol leaking out from a pipe underneath, I booked it into the garage for today and when they looked at it there was a whole list of other things that needed to be done! Even so fixing it is still cheaper than buying another. Once again I am grounded and forced into house type activity (we watched Stepford wives yesterday - argh!). So in an effort to not do house things I have been watching the posh yarn ravelry site and they are having a sale on Wednesday this week for the Tilia shawl kit (I should keep this under my hat so that I improved my chances of getting one) - but I am so excited I wanted to share!

Think I may need to add a swift and ball winder to my birthday list this year as it takes me hours to wind my skeins at the moment. Currently I have a skein of posh lace weight dangling off my step ladders - it is the only thing I could find that it fitted on. I have been winding this off and
on since Saturday, must try harder!
Just thought you might like to see how crazy I really am.


Sugar Hippo said...

OOh! That looks dangerous! What if you need the stepladders? You definitely need a swift!

busybusybeejay said...

So that is what you do.Use kitchen roll ends.Is a swift worth the money?
B x