Friday, 26 June 2009

Tilia Shawl

I didn't set out on Wednesday to actually buy 2 kits, I thought that might not leave enough for everyone else who was desperate to buy one! So I logged on at 8pm and managed to buy meander (soft green and silver - according to the description). A bit of distraction was used by my daughter so that 'him indoors' didn't notice and there it was in my basket! At that point I paid for my purchase, did an excited dance and went back to watching River cottage. When I got up on Thursday I checked out the posh website only to find that they still had some left (bit of a surprise given normal sales history!) so I was telling my daughter as she had her breakfast and her eyes lit up when I said this! 'Which colour did you want?' I asked and off we went to shopping land again. So a Cinderella is also coming to live with us (it is prom year next year so I will have plenty of time to complete this project, won't I?). I also had to do a quick shop on ebay for the 3.75mm harmony tips and a long cable (all my cables are in use and I don't have that size tips) otherwise I won't be able to make these at all.

Not sure when any of these purchases will arrive but you can be sure it will be when they will get me into the most trouble! Can't wait.

PS I wound the camel yarn into balls yesterday (swap box goodie) and it would seem that a certain company who we all know through bad experience is truly rubbish at making skeins that will wind into balls easily! I had trouble with both skeins of yarn I bought from them and thought at first it was me but reading your posts and also using skeins from other sources I have found it is not me at all, even with my step ladder and feet methods of winding I have not had nearly as much trouble with other yarns. Sorry just needed to share that with you all.


Sugar Hippo said...

Ooh! Congratulations! I must say I took a look but thought I'd better make do with the laceweight I already bought. However, tell Lottie that the Cinderella was my favourite - it will look gorgeous with that very expensive dress you will have to buy her .......! Oh! & sorry about the Camel!

Working Mom Knits said...

Oooo! Lucky you! I got one as well - can't remember the exact but it is a gorgeous blue and the name began with an "M". Can't decide if it is going to be for Moi or for my Mom's 80th - thankfull I have a year to decide!!