Monday, 18 May 2009

Bats and Boxes!

I am sorry I didn't manage to get the pictures of my bats up last week (they arrived on Wednesday) and I started spinning straight away. The reason being that this allowed me to be in the kitchen with the dog, keeping an eye on him without me just sitting watching him. He seemed to enjoy this and several times he came and sat with his head on my knee. So I have finished spinning and plying one bat and have just begun on the second. I will need more practice to get the lace weight and sock yarns that I would like to spin but I have enjoyed just trying at the moment - plus it doesn't require much thought so that is good for me at the moment.

So tomorrow is the big day and doggie goes for his heart surgery - if it works then he will be away for several days. Thought I would put up a couple of pics that we took over the weekend just as a record of him.

In case you were wondering we are starting a new box swap - it was the first swap that prompted me to start this blog in the first place and as a result found some lovely people who also happen to enjoy knitting.


Claire said...

Hi Sarah

Your doggie is absolutely gorgeous. I really hope that his surgery is successful. Everything is crossed for him. I'm getting the box sorted today and tomorrow and hopefully posting it off to the first recipient on Friday, after work.

Sugar Hippo said...

I was so right about labs looking woeful wasn't I!! Poor old pooch, he looks so sad ..... will think of you both tomorrow. xx