Wednesday, 27 May 2009

My baby is home!

Just wanted you all to see that after all the ups and downs of the last month and the huge op last week my furry friend is home! Here he is lying in his favourite place (I put him something soft to lie on) but as you can maybe just see this is right in front of my rayburn guaranteed to be smack in the middle of where I need to be! Don't you just love it! I have missed him so much I will just have to work around him! (business as usual then). You can just see his feeding tube sticking out - he isn't using it but it needs to stay in a while. In fact he has lost so much weight he has to have a whole extra meal a day, I don't think he will complain - do you? Just wanted to share with you all!
PS Happy holiday Beejay - don't think you will be bored;)


Sugar Hippo said...

He is soooo gorgeous! I'm glad he's home and on the mend. I'm sure the weight will soon reappear! You'll just have to spoil him ..... like you're not already!!

busybusybeejay said...

So glad he is getting better.You get so attached to pets.I still miss Oscar my lovely cat who died 18 months ago.When we get back from holiday think I will get another one.